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Madagascar: Former French Honorary Consul in Fianarantsoa, 85 years old, beaten to death by burglars

L'hôtel de ville de Fianarantsoa
L'hôtel de ville de Fianarantsoa
The former French diplomat Jean Louis Minet has been beaten to death on the night of Sunday to Monday, in an upmarket area of the town of Fianarantsoa. Attacked in his residencethis man of eighty-five years old died from his injuries.
It is the newspaper L'Express de Madagascar, which relates the facts: "During late evening hours, around 22 hours," five gunmen "stormed the residence of the former Consul. This octogenarian was alone in his house with family assistant when the bandits struck. Wanting to get hold of a significant amount of money as well as valuables, the perpetrators pillaged the house of the Frenchman. The latter and his housekeeper were tied up while the assailants rummaged the rooms from top to bottom. Not having found what they were looking, the thieves suddenly charged on Jean Louis Minet and his family assistance ", leaving Jean Louis Minet dead.
At around 0:30, two hours and a half after the facts, past family support beaten alongside former consul has, somehow, managed to undo his ties and raise the alarm.
Very quickly, the inhabitants came to the rescue, but the bandits had already dissapeared in nature.
The former French diplomat, agonizing, has been evacuated to a hospital in the city, where he died.
An investigation was initiated on the very night of the murder. From clues and evidence gleaned on the spot, the police conducted a triple arrest. The implication of these persons in the murder however would remain to be determined.
The new honorary consul of Fianarantsoa denounces a cowardly act on the social networks. "It is shameful to attack a former eighty-five, visually impaired, and surviving with a pacemaker, and to make him undergo such a torture up to killing him," he wrote in a status on Monday.


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