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Madagascar: Food security in the far south of the Island under threat of drought

While many regions of the Island lick their wounds after the passage on 16 January of the strong tropical storm Chedza on Madagascar and that the authorities have requested for international assistance, the extreme south of the country is hit hard for its part by a dramatic drought.
For six years, Madagascar had not experienced such a global phenomenon. The food security of hundreds of thousands of people is under threat.
At the heart of Bekily District real breadbasket of the region of Androy, people eat only one daily meal prepared from cassava. Other residents also consume red cactus fruit not yet mature. On the shelves of local markets, food prices have soared from doubled.
"We do not talk about famine yet," said Enrique Alvarez, head of the World Food Programme (WFP) of the UN, "but we are preparing for a very difficult situation for the population, if the rain does not fall in the next two weeks. "


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