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Madagascar: Father Pedro criticises the inefficiency of successive Governments against poverty in the island

Father Pedro, defender of the poor in Madagascar in the Akamasoa association, criticised on Tuesday the ineffectiveness of successive Governments and organisations non-governmental (NGOs) who have failed in his fight against poverty in the island.
"It must put an end to the series of meeting, of platform in any kind, organised by various entities, departments and NGOs. It is time to fight among the poor," loudly claimed father Pedro at a conference sponsored by theme, the" rehabilitation of the poor: a complex process not limited by time and finances ".
Father Pedro has moreover challenged the newly elected president, with an invitation to change diametrically policy in the wake of the poverty prevailing in Madagascar, according to the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
"Poverty is not a destiny. The extreme poverty experienced by much of the Malagasy population today was created. The various schemes have their share of responsibility. Now, with the new Government, we must really fight this scourge in the middle of the people. We must go into the slum to bring light, drinking water, build roads", said the Argentine Jesuit, Pedro Opeka, who notably recalled that the poorest have ways to work by themselves.
"Once on land, need to wake up the confidence among the poor who fled in poverty. We must shock them, remind them that they hold resources, and making them work. Should not be a substitute for the poor", said father Pedro in his intervention at the higher Institute of social work of Tananarive.
As a reminder, for over twenty years, the Argentine Jesuit Pedro Opeka daily support idlers of Tananarive children living in the open dump of Andralanitra.
The Akamasoa association now comprises 17 villages, where 3,000 settled families, approximately 15,000 people, including more than 60% of children less than 15 years.

Antso Rajaona

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