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Madagascar: Emergency Operations to prevent the oil spill from a tanker collapsed in Emerald Sea

Photo latribune.cyber -
Photo latribune.cyber -
Emergency operations are conducted since yesterday, Tuesday to prevent the dumping of 11,000 m3 of oil in sea of Emerald at the entrance to the pass of the Bay of Diego Suarez in the North of Madagascar, after the collapsing of a tanker * double hull and flying the flag of the Bahamas on April 17 last on the reefs.
"The owner of the vessel forwarded through a special plane from South Africa equipment and special teams", said Jérôme Sambalis, Director General of the maritime and fluvial port Agency (APMF) of Madagascar.
A support vessel is also expected from the Seychelles which will pump oil in the hull that threatens to break with an outer shell that has already breached.
Two ballasts would be particularly pierced, but for the moment no leakage of pollutants has been registered, according to the site latribune.cyber-
* The Tromsø is a ship of 12,000 tons, 120 m long and 12.7 m wide and was constructed in 2008

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