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Madagascar: Dismantling a sales network of weapons in Tananarive

Criminal police of Tananarive was dismantled at the end of last week, a network of sales of Kalashnikovs suspected supply weapons of war in the capital region and that it closely followed since nearly a week with close mills.

Two suspects of 26 and 29 years old, including a former member of the security forces, were arrested, after warning shots during a punch of police,at Anosibe Namontana in Tananarive .

Another military accomplice on the run is still actively pursue having successfully gave the police the slip, who came to arrest him with his two buddies.

"Investigations have revealed that the band wanted to sell three Kalashnikovs. Mills began at Analamahitsy, passing through Antanimena, Manakambahiny and Anosy.

When we were sure that three suspects, followed to the trace, concealed on them a weapon of war, the operation was launched in Namontana",
says the Divisional Commissioner Marcel Velotsara, Director of the judicial police.

A Kalashnikov was found alongside the two suspects that were presented in the wake of their interrogation the prosecutor's office while ammunition and charger weapon of war were taken by the fugitive who escaped the noose of police set up, as reports the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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