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Madagascar: Creation of the agricultural Council at the service of the agricultures

Fert * association and the national peasant Confederation have decided to implement a new feature called agricultural proximity Council destined for farmers and to support them in their decision making to increase long-term productivity on their farms in the island.
Advice given by this new tool at the service of the Malagasy farmers will thus focus on techniques of culture, economic analysis of production and strategic monitoring during the placing on the market of production, as indicated in the Courrier newspaper of Madagascar.
As a reminder, 70% of the Malagasy population depends on agriculture for living, or some 14 million people.
According to the latest figures of the Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural sector is the main source of employment in Madagascar, since 82% of the population active works there.
* Campesino training and promotion of professional agricultural Organisations

Antso Rajaona

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