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Madagascar: College of Veterinarians is alarmed about the worrying situation of the bovine population in the island

The College of veterinarians of Madagascar has recently feel concerned about the worrying situation of the bovine population in Madagascar.
To the rhythm of the current operation, Malagasy cattle are likely to be decimated within five years, warned Dr. Rakotosamimanana Josoa, president of the College of veterinarians in the island.
Thus, some 8 million head of cattle are currently counted in the island against 22 million a decade earlier, as reported in the Madagascar Tribune newspaper.
This drastic fall in the number of cattle and the possible disappearance of the cattle futures would be the consequence "of over-exploitation, lack of control and cattle breeding policy" as well as "thefts of Bovidae (Editor's Note: Zebu) became a national sport".
As a reminder, the theft of Zebu comes from ancient Malagasy, but still well established traditions in the hinterland. Symbol of virility before marriage, criminal gangs hijacked to it of its meaning first, to transform it into a juicy traffic in Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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