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Madagascar: Bushfires increase dangerously

Photos taken by satellites Terra and Aqua of the National American administration of Aeronautics and Space (Administration NASA) show that bush fires have significantly increase over last year.
659 outbreaks of fire and recorded during the month of July against 356 at the same time in 2012.

Associations working for biodiversity in Madagascar forests point the finger at some people who prepare in their own way grazing areas and crop fields, as shown in the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
"People are desperate by the loss of their cultivated land and declining agricultural production are always looking for new arable field. Authorities, lack of means, either fail to offer an alternative and do not dare inflict punishment, "said a manager of the association of the protection of nature.

As a reminder, in addition to the derisory means to halt the spread of fire in areas affected by the bushfires it is the customary law that governs all the logistics to fight against the fire.

And the lack of substantial financial resources, awareness against this major threat to the island is made through the local radio stations that broadcast prevention messages to the public.
Each year, 200,000 hectares of forest are reduced to ashes by shifting cultivation and bush fires.

Antso Rajaona

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