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Madagascar: Burglary of bones in tombs are increasing

Madagascar: Burglary of bones in tombs are increasing
The desecration of tombs and the robbing of bones in tombs have increased in Madagascar.
Three robbers have been caught red-handed last Friday in Nosy Be, in the North of Madagascar, with 6 pounds of human bones hidden in the trunk of their vehicle. 

Taken in for questioning, the three individuals remained silent on how they would sell their loot on a possible parallel market or to intermediate destination. Taken to the Malagasy court, the suspects were placed in custody. A few days before Christmas, in the region of Besalampy, in Western Madagascar, three other people had been arrested in possession of human bones.

The final destination of these stolen bones of the graves of the Big Island is still a mystery. For now, the police authorities refuse to comment on the subject.

Antso Rajaona

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