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Madagascar: Biofuels put forward by energy experts

According to the group Energie Madagascar and that brings together experts in the energy sector, the island could save 75 million dollars over a period of 6 years if the use of biofuels was popularised in the country.
With 106.000 hectares concerned by the production of agrofuel or biofuel on the horizon of 2030, Madagascar might also see all its energy indicators evolve towards a new sustainable transition, as indicates in the Madagascar Tribune newspaper.
"Access to a clean, sustainable energy supply for everyone at national level is possible to overcome the current situation ... Renewables occupy only a small part of just 1%," say experts which also highlight the goal of reducing energy expenditure in 2030 to 15% for local and 5% of Malagasy households industries, against 43% and 25% today.
According to these experts, an electric distribution available to run 65% of urban households and 30% of rural households in Madagascar is achievable by increasing the share of renewable energy to over 45%.

Antso Rajaona

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