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Madagascar: Army declares war on the zebu thieves

While eight policemen have been killed last Wednesday by zebu thieves (dahalo), the Malagasy army has recently declared war against dahalo present in large numbers in the south of the Island.
"The blood of our brothers has not been shed in vain. We consider henceforth the dahalo, whether on land or white collar, enemies of the nation," said General Xavier Beni Rasolofonirina Chief of the General Staff of the army.
"We now consider the dahalo as enemies coming from outside that violate the integrity of the nation. Our mission will only stop once the scourge is wiped out", also highlighted the general Rasolofonirina.
As a reminder, zebu theft comes from ancient Malagasy traditions, but still well established in the hinterland. Symbol of virility before marriage, criminal gangs have diverted from its original meaning, to turn it into a lucrative traffic in Madagascar.


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