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Madagascar: Applications for kidney transplantation explode, dialysis saturated at Tananarive

Malagasy patients with renal failure are more likely to want to undergo a kidney transplant abroad, particularly in India and South Africa.
A paradoxical situation since in Madagascar, doctors have the technical skills to perform the kidney transplant, no law regulates the medical act, which makes it impossible to carry out on the Malagasy territory, as explained Professor, Lova Randriamanantsoa, the hospital Andrianavalona Joseph Ravoahangy (HJRA) in Antananarivo to
In addition, specific drugs for this type of intervention are not available on the Big Island.
However, the high price of the graft during medical evacuation abroad pushes the vast majority of patients in Tananarive, unable to incur such costs, to return to dialysis to treat the basis of three treatments per week.
But again, there is the problem to accommodate all persons on request dialysis knocking on the door of the medical facility that unfortunately can accommodate up to 13 patients in the special care unit.
"Two to three patients per week should dialysis but our capacity does not allow us to accommodate", says Professor Lova Randriamanantsoa.

Antso Rajaona

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