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Madagascar: An extensive plan of action to save the lemurs of the Island

The network of forty associations, Lemur Conservation Network, wants to launch a major plan to rescue from the programmed disappearance of over 90% of endemic species of lemurs of Madagascar and calls on generous donors today.
This large-scale plan thus would cost approximately 7 million dollars and would be deployed on the 30 priority sites in the Big Island.
As a reminder, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has updated in June 2014 its Red List of species threatened with extinction. Of the 101 species of lemurs in Madagascar listed, 22 species were "critically endangered" and 48 others were placed on a list of "endangered". Ultimately, 94% of primates are threatened with extinction.
Destruction of their natural habitat, uncontrolled hunting for their meat or illegal felling of precious woods in primary tropical forests could result in the disappearance of lemurs found in the Island for at least 62 million years ...


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