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Madagascar: An act amending finance wants to re-introduce the payment of visa for foreigners

The amended Finance Act wants to restore the payment of a visa fee for foreigners visiting the Great Island.
Free since 2009 for a trip less than or equal to 30 days in order to boost the tourism sector in the Great Island, the visa fee could be paid again if the amended Finance Act is passed soon by the deputies.
Thus, the Finance Act wants to charge 60,000 ariary(16.50 euros) for a stay less than or equal to one month on the Malagasy soil, 100,000 ariary(27.5 euros) for a trip longer than one month and less than or equal to two month and 150,000 ariary(41 euros) for a stay of more than 3 months and up to three years in the country.
Foreigners will also be charged 200,000 ariary(55 euros) for a stay in Madagascar for more than three years and less than five years. Beyond this period, the visa will consider a final cost of 250,000 ariary(69 euros).


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