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Madagascar: An American citizen alleged to have been a victim of bullying at Ivato airport

An American doctor landed on Tuesday from a flight from Nairobi to the kKenya alleges have been victim of a racket on his arrival at the airport of Ivato in Tananarive by an employee of the health formalities service who helped him initially to complete his entry form on the Malagasy ground.

The latter would then asked money for this assistance and American citizen thus paid nearly 40 dollars (30 euros) for his health form.

Suddenly, the American National remains blocked for more than an hour in the customs zone, cannot adjust its visa fees, before a friend of his came up at the airport and intervene.

For the record, his friend manage to find the offending employee that he will repay him after a few minutes of vivid explanations, a ticket of 20 dollars (15 euros), as related by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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