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Madagascar: About 10,000 'ghosts' civil servants paid by the Malagasy State

The Ministry of the public service in Madagascar is preparing to conduct a census on a large scale of officials in island.
According to recent statistical studies, about 10,000 Malagasy officials would be considered by the administration as purely "ghosts". The public service accounted for some 124,000 employees listed in 2006.
These "ghost" employees who no longer work in departments would therefore continue to receive their salary and among them are even counted deceased persons whose relatives did not report their deaths to the competent authorities.
It is thus 300,000 million ariarys * per month are spent since 2009 by the Treasury for salary expenses that have no reason to exist, as reported in the Courrier newspaper.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 3.291 ariary

Antso Rajaona

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