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Madagascar: A two years old girl dreadfully stabbed in her sleeping by his father

Madagascar: A two years old girl dreadfully stabbed in her sleeping by his father
A little girl of two years, living in the residence of Andraisoro in Tananarive has been harshly stabbed by her father while she was sleeping, in the early morning of Tuesday, hit by several blows inflicted on the head.

The little victim died from the multiple blows received despite the rapid intervention of rescuers and her placement of intensive care to the military hospital at Soavinandriana.

Her father who had run away, but wearing a prosthetic on his right leg, was easily caught by residents who handed him over to law enforcement.

According to the elements of the investigations, the father of the young victim and his ex-wife, divorced since a few months as reason of ceaseless connubial dispute.

The man condemned by the law to pay an alimony nevertheless does not fulfill this obligation.
Monday night, he wants to apologize and visits his ex-wife, but then again another fight broke out.

After a few minutes regaining his composure, the man gives some money to his ex-wife so that she can buy rice and decided to stay there to sleep at night.

For some unexplained reasons, the man gets up very early and claims his ex-wife the money given yesterday.
The latter refuses clearly. The man then took a kitchen knife and knifed her little girl sleeping, as related

Antso Rajaona

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