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Madagascar: A security guard wounded by a grenade explosion

Madagascar: A security guard wounded by a grenade explosion
A grenade exploded around 7 p.m yesterday evening, near a petrol station, at Andrano Fotsy, in Madagascar. A security officer who was present there was injured. The device allegedly was thrown from a deserted Lane, passing at the back of the distribution of petrol.

The canopy of the station is covered with debris. A taxibe, one means of transportation has been damaged. Metal scrap pierced the wind-shield of the vehicle. One glass of the door shattered. Fortunately, the driver and his assistant who were aboard the taxibe, were not injured.

Different police units have been dispatched on the spot.
According to investigators, it is an offensive grenade. The explosive reportedly thrown by a man on a motorcycle. It is the sixth attack that caused damage to the French service stations company,Total.

Zara Rasamoelina

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