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Madagascar: A possible swine fever concern

Madagascar: A possible swine fever concern
The African swine fever, highly contagious viral disease, might have infected the population of domestic pigs of Madagascar, Antsirabe and Faratsiho, in the centre of the country.

In its most severe form with a virulent, swine fever causes the death of pigs between 6 to 13 days, with a mortality rate of 100% for animals carrying the virus.

The threat is thus taken very seriously by local health authorities and administrative of the Big Island. A suspicion that has resulted in a set of samples, to confirm the presence or absence of cases   of swine fever virus reported as suspect.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Ihanta Randriamandrato, there is no need to panic. She rather calls for the vigilance of all farmers of the region concerned. "Procedures have already been taken to determine if there is really the African swine fever in Antsirabe and Faratsiho. Meanwhile, it is only a suspicion. However, farmers must be careful because the plague results from failure comply with the hygienic safety", said the Minister at the site.

Antso Rajaona

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