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Madagascar: A mother and her three children are touring the island on foot for an enigmatic trip

Barondrasoa Soja and three children (14, 8 and 3 years old) began a long walk to get around Madagascar.
A former teacher in a disadvantaged establishment, the young mother of 38 years does not say the reasons which led her to begin the long journey after the death of her husband a few months ago.
A large bag over her shoulders and some plastic bags where personal papers and other maps, Soja Barondrasoa remains mysterious about the purpose of her journey.
Soja Barondrasoa  is relent to give her consent to disclose her decision that is in relation to violence and insecurity and all the ills afflicting the Malagasy society.
"The path is not easy with young children. Fatigue, bad weather, which require us to suspend the operation. With the children, we stop every five miles to regain strength. Nightfall, we reach a village, a town or a police station to sleep. People give us food to eat", says the young woman who narrates she had to face along the way mosquitoes, cyclones and thieves.
The eldest daughter Barondrasoa Soja seems to be on the same wavelength as his mother and begins to seriously question the usefulness of such a journey through the Big Island.
"I'm tired and I know that my little sister and my little brother are too. I do not know why we walk around like that, Mom tells us nothing. Sometimes one of us gets sick and some health centers refuse to receive us", said the 14-year-old girl tired and fatigued by the journey undertaken by her enigmatic mother.

Antso Rajaona

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