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Madagascar: A homemade bomb discovered in the region of Tamatave

Madagascar: A homemade bomb discovered in the region of Tamatave
After the imprisonment of two suspects involved in a series of explosions of homemade bombs that struck Tananarive since the beginning of September, another explosive device was discovered on Monday in the afternoon by residents in the area of Tamatave, in the east of Madagascar, at Mangarano Ankirihiry, near a bungalow close to the main road.

Two people imprisoned have been after their transfer to Malagasy Court in connection with the series of explosion of homemade bombs that struck the capital last month and facing a load of endangering security of the State.

The craft device which consisted of several bottles of oil and a firing system connected to a mobile phone battery was not, however, linked to an explosive charge.

The thesis of an act fomented by troublemakers to disrupt the electoral process in the Big Island and instill fear about the different elections (presidential and legislative election) is favored by the police in charge of the investigation, as related by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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