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Madagascar: A burglar surprised by a French citizen had a fatal fall of 4 floors

Photo d'illustration
Photo d'illustration
A burglar for forty years, surprised by a French citizen who lives in a Tsara­lalana hotel located in the North of Tananarive, died Saturday at around 9: 30 pm after a deadly four floors during his flight to escape the security of the establishment.
 The burglar who sought to take on objects of value and cash could not commit its mischief thanks to the intervention of the occupant of the hotel room.

Once discovered, the burglar even try to attack the French citizen who fought back and call for and shouting with all his might.

Panicked and before the arrival of internal security guard in the hotel, the burglar decides to jump into the void to escape thinking to fall on the roof of a van parked below.
But the burglar violently strikes the hood of the van and fell heavily on the pavement.

Assani Badrudin

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