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Madagascar: 7.823.305 voters today choose their candidate in the first round of Madagascar presidential election

Madagascar: 7.823.305 voters today choose their candidate in the first round of Madagascar presidential election
The 33 candidates attempt today, Friday, October 25, 2013, during the first round of the presidential election in Madagascar, to get the votes of the 7.823.305 voters registered on electoral lists, on a total population which varies according to the numbers between 20 and 22 million people.
67% of the inhabitants of Madagascar living in rural areas.
53.97% of men, or 4.222.510 registered and 46.03% of women, i.e. 3.600.795 listed, go to the polls between 6 h and 17 h in the 20,001 polling stations spread across the 22 regions of Madagascar, with nearly 140,000 electoral personnel who ensure smooth polling and voting in the island.

Voters must designate the next tenant of the Ambohitsorohitra Presidential Palace and which will have the heavy burden of lead the reins of the country for five years.

Applicants are thus counting up through a single ballot where Malagasy voter indicates their personal choice to the name and photo of the candidate with a cross, a circle or even a fingerprint.

The CENIT (National Independent Electoral Commission for the Transition) will announce the official results within ten days after the first ballot.

In case none of the 33 candidates may be able to obtain an absolute majority of the votes, a second round is expected on December 20 and coupled with the legislative elections.
800 international observers are also deployed to oversee the electoral process. The European Union, first financial backer of the island sent on his side a hundred observers in Madagascar.
200 other observers from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are also on-site.

The observers for the international organization of the Francophone (OIF), African Union (AU), Commission of the Indian Ocean (COI), from Japan and the United States complement this wide deployment on the ground.
 5,000 Malagasy observers from the local Red Cross and the civil society will be present for those still monitoring the conduct of the presidential election.
11,000 military personnel, 9,000 gendarmes as well as 7,000 police officers are assigned to the security of this first round of Madagascar presidential election.

Antso Rajaona

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