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Madagascar: 5.7 million euro to save lemurs

Madagascar: 5.7 million euro to save lemurs
A non-governmental organization (NGO), Conservation International, submitted on Wednesday in Tananarive a strategic plan to save the endemic lemur of Madagascar endangered in the big island, due to extensive deforestation and the multiplication of acts of poaching.

93 species of primates on 105 are threatened with extinction in the term, if nothing is done on a large scale.

The protection plan of lemurs has been encrypted by the American NGO to 5.7 million budget over three years and wants to implement the protection of their natural habitat combined with ecotourism development and the fight against consumption of wild meat.
Aware that the Malagasy authorities mired in a severe economic and political plaguing their country since 2009 crisis, not able to be engaged at such an expensive project, the American NGO seeks other funding levels needed to save lemurs Madagascar.

Antso Rajaona

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