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Madagascar: 37 zebu thieves killed by police in the Fort-Dauphin

Madagascar: 37 zebu thieves killed by police in the Fort-Dauphin
While the thieves of zebus (dahalo) have multiplied raids on cattle herds in southern Madagascar, with 4.755 oxen stolen since the beginning of the year 2013, two confrontations between gendarmes of the grouping of Fort-Dauphin and the dahalo in two separate villages in the region have made 37 dead on the side of the thieves of zebus.
A helicopter of the Madagascan armed forces also participated in one of these two military operations which have mobilized on the ground in one of the several dozen gendarmes and in the second a whole platoon of the Malagasy gendarmerie.

Hundreds of zebu were able to be recovered and many dahalo fled after heavy losses.
We also counted the dead villagers and two others wounded by a bullet as related the site

As a reminder, since the end of December 2012, the Malagasy government stopped the Tandroka operation (note: take the bull by the horns), conducted since September against thieves of zebu to curb insecurity in the South of Madagascar.
The mare of Remenabila, historic leader of dahalo and considered public enemy number one continues in the Fort Dauphin in the heart of southern Madagascar.

Zebu theft comes from ancient Malagasy traditions still strongly based in the hinterland.
Symbol of manhood before marriage, criminal gangs have diverted from its original meaning, replacing it with a lucrative business.

Antso Rajaona

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