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Madagascar: 35% of adult victims of hypertension

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of health in Madagascar, hypertension affects 35% of Malagasy adults, of which nearly 28% of the inhabitants are from the capital Tananarive and may even be observed among young children from the age of 9 years.
"Hypertension is first and foremost hereditary. However the lifestyle and diet is a major risk factor ... Elderly people over 40 should check once a month their blood pressure. Because hypertension do not have symptoms that can be clinically detectable, "said a Malagasy doctor interviewed by the newspaper Les Nouvelles of Madagascar.
As a reminder, "World Health Statistics 2012" published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) had highlighted that one out of three adults worldwide suffers hypertension.
"This disease is a condition responsible for nearly half of all deaths due to stroke and heart disease," the study emphasised.

Antso Rajaona

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