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Madagascar: 15 thieves of zebus slaughtered by gendarmes after villages’ attacks

Violent exchanges of fire took place in late last week between a score of gendarmes and more than fifty thieves of zebus (dahalo) at Ampotatra Vangaindrano in southeastern Madagascar, after that the dahalo have opened fire on the coming military challenge.
Fifteen dahalo have been killed in the shooting and others were able to flee however leaving behind zebus that they came to steal.
The security forces had deployed a vast interception device on the ground after several groups of thieves of zebus have made low hand, a few hours earlier, in the surrounding villages on more than a hundred of Zebu and coldly killed two villagers.
The dahalo had even kidnapped a mother and her child in these village attacks, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
As a reminder, the zebu theft comes from ancient Malagasy traditions, but still well established in the hinterland. Symbol of manhood before marriage, criminal gangs have diverted from its original meaning, to make it into a lucrative trade.

Antso Rajaona

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