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Madagascar: 13 people died of the plague in a remote village

An outbreak attributed to bubonic plague in the remote village of Ampatakamavoreny would have been localized in Mandritsara district located in the North-East of Madagascar in the heart of the region of Sofia.
Thirteen people were found killed since the beginning of last week and Malagasy health authorities sent the first analyses to the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar to confirm the exact origin of these suspicious deaths, according to the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
As a reminder, 256 cases of bubonic plague and 60 deaths were recorded last year.
The bubonic plague or 'black death' thus experienced a strong boost from the month of October, with the start of the first heat and humidity that will be highlighting over heavy rainfall of the season.

About one patient in five infected by the virus died.

The disease specialists are particularly concerned today of the virulence of the bacillus of the plague in Madagascar.
Unsanitary conditions and promiscuity of some houses in the heart of poor villages attract rodents in bulk (black rats) and rat fleas that carry the disease.

Antso Rajaona

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