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Madagascar: 1,200 cattle stolen and ten died in violent attacks of zebu robbers

Madagascar: 1,200 cattle stolen and ten died in violent attacks of zebu robbers
Since a few weeks and at the end of December, the last military operations of the Government against zebu (dahalo) thieves, theft of livestock are increasing in Madagascar.

1200 zebu have been stolen at Ifota and Elonty, last Saturday and Sunday in the South of Madagascar by a hundred men armed with Kalashnikov rifles and shotguns.
Raids that are desperately trying to prevent the villagers often risking their lives. Violent clashes between villagers and dahalo who killed 10 people in Ifota and Elonty including seven thieves of zebu.
The police rushed to the scene in bulk embarked in pursuit of the dahalo without for the time being having spotted in a bush with hostile thieves of  zebu familiar the nooks and crannies.
End of December 2012, the Malagasy government has decided to temporarily stop the operation Tandroka (note: take the bull by the horns), conducted since September against thieves of zebu to curb insecurity in southern Madagascar.
The cavale of Remenabila, historic leader of zebu thieves and considered public enemy No. 1 is continued in the Fort Dauphin region in southern Madagascar.
Zebu theft is rooted in ancient traditions strongly conveyed in the Big Island. Symbol of manhood before marriage, organized gangs have turned away from its original meaning, to make it a lucrative traffic turned in a mafia.

Antso Rajaona

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