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Jean-Marc Volcy as best Seychellois artist

Jean-Marc Volcy as best Seychellois artist
Jean-Marc Volcy, the well-known artist from Seychelles has made his mark once again with his spicy Creole music and clinched a regional award known as Les Voix de l'Océan Indien’.

Members of the jury for this sixth Les Voix de l'Océan Indien’ award named Jean-Marc Volcy as the best Seychellois artist out of others who were nominated.

He has been voted as best artist due his talent and how he has evolved in the music industry to become one of the Seychelles most popular musician across the years among other aspects.

His last album entitled En Leokri has made great success not only in Seychelles but at regional level as well.

Speaking to the local media, the artist has expressed his appreciation for being recognise for the music he produces, stating that it is an encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward with his work.

Apart from the Seychellois artist, five others namely: ̶   Blakkayo from Mauritius, Tence Mena from Madagascar, M’ Toro Chamou from Mayotte, Costy from Comoros, and Aubin from Rodrigues  ̶  received their awards during a ceremony organised recently in Saint-Denis, the capital of Reunion.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said that Jean-Marc Volcy needed to be congratulated for such an achievement. "When a son or daughter of Seychelles earns recognition outside our country we should all rejoice because their achievement makes our country proud. We believe that a country is successful when it starts exporting its culture or when its culture is recognized beyond our own borders. This success by Jean-Marc Volcy is such a success that makes us proud. The same can be said for the continued Seychellois Creole Restaurants in Paris amongst other cultural successes we are today enjoying" said Minister Alain St.Ange

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