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Iran wants Mayotte to once again become Comorian

Iran wants Mayotte to once again become Comorian
Iran has decided to fight alongside in support of Comoros for Mayotte to once again become Comorian. This is what the Iranian ambassador said, Majid Hamidi Benam, works in Moroni at the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on 7 February last.

"Note that Iran is on the side of the Comoros for the return of Mayotte into its natural fold ... We cannot let a Muslim country suffer. We'll bring you the little we have for Comoros to develop", said the Iranian ambassador to

The Comoros under the leadership of Ahmed Abdallah proclaimed their independence on 6 July 1975.
The referendum in December 1974, a strong majority (95%) on Grande Comore, for Anjouan and Moheli to sovereignty of the Comorian islands, pushes Comoros towards independence. However Mayotte chose to remain in the fold of France.
Last November the Comoros also celebrated the 37th anniversary of their official recognition as an independent country within the UN, with Said Mohamed Jafar, Head of State of the Government of Comoros at the United Nations rostrum on Nov. 12 1975.
The UN resolution 3385, passed in November 1975 also expressly invites the international community to "respect the unity and territorial integrity of the Comoros archipelago, consisting of the islands of Anjouan, Grande Comore, Mayotte and Mohéli."
However, Mayotte has always wanted to remain French, after several referendums during the 70s in l'île aux parfums.

Anli Saendou

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