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What we read or watch influences what we think. This affects our state of mind, and as the days go by we find it normal to have negative thoughts.
At Indian-ocean-times we have decided to no longer publish articles that contain negative connotations.
This is a stance we have adopted because it seems essential to us, for our readers, for ourselves, for our children, to recognise that there are positive things surrounding us.

There aren’t just minor news stories in the Indian Ocean.
Beyond the postcard pictures there are women and men who achieve wonderful things for themselves, for those close to them, for their business, for their company, for their island…
Often these topics don’t ‘make sales’ and hence are not published.
Who’s talking about the rugby match our young people are participating in, in France? Who’s discussing the region’s dominoes competition?

This interests us, and will probably interest those who read our articles.

We'll only publish positive informations.

We may be softies, but what the heck, it’s so nice!

So if you come across some positive news near you, let us know. Send us a text and a photo and we will publish them.

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