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Fish pond on La Digue

A new attraction in the form of an artificial fish pond will be opened on La Digue soon for both the locals and tourists alike. The fishpond located at a place called Dan Goulo, which is a small manmade island off the coast in between Anse Reunion and La Passe.
Keven Jeanne who is also known as man of the sea, is the brainchild behind this amazing attraction. He has spent almost quarter of a century working at sea, especially as a diver.
He said the knowledge and underwater experience that he has gathered across those years has enable him to set up this business.
Sharks, eels, red snappers and sea urchins are among the underwater species of Seychelles that can be found in the fish pond.
Mr Jeanne said he gets a lot of foreigners especially those who are keen about the marine environment, students and local people as well.
Following a call made by President James Michel when he visited this latest attraction on La Digue, last week the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange visited the fish pond along with the principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune. Together they discussed on how this tourist attraction can add to the charm of La Digue island.
Mr Jeanne also brought certain constraints he is facing to the attention of Minister St.Ange and Mrs Lafortune.
Minister St.Ange has congratulated Mr Jeanne for having initiated such a project on La Digue that is not only for tourists to enjoy but one that is there to promote the marine life of the islands.
He is urging the concerned authorities to work with Mr Jeanne as this fish pond can become another plus not only for La Digue but for the the Seychelles tourism industry.
Mr Jeanne also spoke to the minister about his future plans to better the services he is offering and to offer more facilities.
A new asset for the Seychelles and the Vanilla Islands.

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