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Exclusive interview with Pascal Viroleau, Director of the Islands vanilla

Pascal Viroleau, Director of the vanilla Islands
Pascal Viroleau, Director of the vanilla Islands
Viroleau Pascal, Director of Vanilla Islands, made a trip last week for two days in Mauritius.
This visit allowed us to make the point with him on vanilla islands and the folder of regional cooperation.
Indian Ocean Times: You are in position since 1 January last, why this shift in Mauritius?

Pascal Viroleau: Mauritius is part of the vanilla Islands since the creation of the concept. It was therefore essential that I come to meet local actors, explain our missions and implement actions. The expectations of tourists have changed and we must all adapt our offers to take advantage of the growth. Combined inter-island offerings and the preparation of the sector to medium and long-term changes are examples of what we do. Our goal is to ensure that the sector of activity, but especially the population enjoy economic benefits.
Indian Ocean Times: What was your program in Mauritius?

Pascal Viroleau: I met partner institutions such as the European Union or the Commission of the Indian Ocean with which we have very good relations. I was delighted to see their dynamism and their involvement in the development of our islands. This shift also allowed me to discuss with MTPA (Editor's Note: Tourist Office of Mauritius) the relationship of work for the coming months. To bring tourists through handsets, I worked with the ARHIM (Editor's Note: Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Mauritius) on some ideas that should be implemented quickly. This implies a very strong collaboration with the airlines. The direction of Air Mauritius seems to help the private sector for the development of Inter-iles products.
Indian Ocean Times: What will be your flagship actions for 2014?
Pascal Viroleau: You know, each island is to create an event of regional scope to which all others will give their support. These are events vanilla Islands. This is the case of the Carnival of Seychelles, Madagascar tourism fair, gastronomic festival of the Comoros and the Festival freedom Métis of the Reunion. Each island must participate to the extent and particularly on the media map. Thus, international media are present on these events and each participant there derives a benefit in accessing these media. Beyond the events, we will implement the training destined for national tourism offices. We will start in a few weeks with training in social networks.Studies on the prospects of our markets will be also conducted to allow the sector to prepare for the future. At the level of the marketing we will work mainly on the promotion online and on relationships press for bringing forward the inter-island products. Furthermore, we are working on a project of Miss vanilla Islands which the winner would go directly to Miss world. A regional TV should be created by the company OI7. We are pleased to contribute to its creation, just as we would for all projects that would bring our islands in front. Finally, I must say that our partners such as the Constance group, Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles strongly contribute to the economic development of our area.

Indian Ocean Times: Do vanilla Islands became a brand?
Pascal Viroleau: Absolutely. Vanilla Islands is a registered trademark and may not be used without our consent.
This is to ensure that tourism concept is not perverted and used for bad purposes.
Indian Ocean Times: What do you think of regional cooperation?
Pascal Viroleau: Cooperation is essential for our respective developments. It is an illusion to think that we can grow one.

Fabrice François

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