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Ex-the boss of the GIR, Gérard Gautier, transferred to Mayotte this Friday

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Arrested this week at his resident in Brittany, the ex-boss of the Group of regional intervention (IRM) of Mayotte, Gérard Gautier, has been detained yesterday in metropolitan France before being transferred on Friday to Mayotte.
His arrest, which took place last Monday, was launched on rogatory by the Judge Hakim Karki.

Implicated with one of his colleagues, Christian Lemignant (Editor's note, who will arrive soon on the island), in a narcotics case which has caused the death of the young Roukia, Gérard Gautier had to come this Friday at 14:20 on the island with two of his colleagues and his lawyer, Me Francis Szpiner, as reported by Mayotte Orange.
The Constable has still refused to return to Mayotte to explain his involvement in this trafficking of narcotics that has splashed the GIR, whose primary mission was to combat such trafficking.



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