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Domino tournament a popular leisure activity in Seychelles

Domino tournament a popular leisure activity in Seychelles
Domino playing is a leisure past time long associated with islanders and this inclusive of Creoles. In the Seychelles this leisure past time has since a long time been taken seriously, so much so that Domino Competitions between Teams and Districts have often appeared in events.
It was not surprising for this very people to people contact leisure activity has again this year appeared on the Seychelles Festival Kreol program. Nine Districts of the Seychelles registered Teams for the Competition that took place by the National Arts Council (NAC) Offices in Victoria, the Capital of the World of Creoles.
"Often people question what activity were included on the Kreol Festival's program whilst others question question why such and such an event is again included. We are here to ensure that our people have the choice in events they like and enjoy. This is why we have again this year included a Domino Competition and we salute the nine districts for fielding Teams" said Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture when he dropped on the Teams as they were actively engrossed in their Domino game.
Marietta Labonte of the Culture Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture was this year mandated to organise this event that brought together many from the different districts to Victoria to enjoy many hours of fun whilst maintaining the local culture and tradition alive.
The winners for this years Festival Kreol Domino Competition was Cascade District. In second place was Baie Lazare District and in third place the Police Team. "as I congratulate the winners made up of both men and ladies playing side by side, I say that all nine Teams registered for this years competition are winners because you have ensure that your District's Flag or that of your organisation were raised high at this Festival Kreol. Congratulations to you all" said Minister Alain St.Ange

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