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Comoros "soon" Shiite nation for Hezbollah

The Comoros archipelago "soon" incorporate on the list of Shiite nations, for Hezbollah, if we look at the recent statements of the Secretary General of the Party of God, Hassan Nasrallah, delivered in the course an exclusive interview, there a few days ago, on the Qatari Al-Jazeera. "I congratulate all the Shiite nations in this day blessed by Allah, God is with you, be brave, fight for our common cause, we will prevail. On this day, I am pleased to announce that in the nearest time, two brother nations will join us: Somalia and the Comoros May Allah bless our community. "
Comoros, traditionally Sunni, experienced a fever of Shia since 2006 with the accession to power of former President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi, whose proximity to the Islamic Republic of Iran is very often referred by a significant fringe the population.
But the main interest has always denied being the source of any indoctrination and spread of Shi'ism in the Comoros.


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