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Comoros: Workshop of information of Unicef around acute malnutrition in young children

Photo journal La Gazette des Comores
Photo journal La Gazette des Comores
Unicef, the humanitarian association for the survival and protection of the children of the world holds for six days since the end of the week to Moroni in the Comoros a workshop on malnutrition in the country and which brings together players in the field of health of the archipelago, as well as several non-governmental organisations.
Participants will be as well informed on the latest scientific developments concerning acute malnutrition in children at a young age in the heart of the archipelago and that is defined by a very low ratio between weight and size.
"One in three children age from 6 to 59 months suffering from chronic malnutrition and 11.1% in this same age group suffer from acute malnutrition and 15% are underweight", said Pierre Ngom, the Unicef representative in Moroni in its presentation of opening of the workshop, as reported by the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.
As a reminder, according to a global report on hunger published by the international Institute of research on food policy (IFPRI), the Comoros are positioned among the three countries, alongside Eritrea and Burundi, where "the level of hunger is extremely worrying, with a negative impact on the socio-economic development of this country".

Anli Saendou

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