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Comoros: The three parquets will now work closely together to prevent the escape of suspects between the islands of the archipelago

Attorneys of Moroni (Grande Comore), Fomboni (Moheli) and Mutsamudu (Anjouan) announced midweek they decided now to work closely together to ensure that perpetrators of offense do not run away in another island in an attempt to evade justice.
"We want to be able to prosecute perpetrators of the offenses wherever they are in the territory and with this collaboration, we can count on the help of the authority which is on the island where the author the offense took refuge, "said Abdallah Riziki, head prosecutors of Anjouan.

This close collaboration between the different floors of the archipelago of the Comoros allow the statement of one of the three islands to proceed to the hearing of an accused who reportedly fled in the meantime the island where he has committed a criminal offence or infraction.
The alleged offender and the hearing will be transferred to the island where the crime or offence took place in the context of the continuation of the legal proceedings.
Three parquets of Moroni, Fomboni, and Mutsamudu have decided to enhance their cooperation on criminal matters and sexual assault, rape, embezzlement of public funds, as well as against the persons refusing to execute court decisions, as the site relates.

Anli Saendou

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