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Comoros: The Secretary General of Interpol on official visit to Moroni

The Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald Noble, was on Tuesday for the first time in official visit to Moroni in the Comoros archipelago.
Ronald Noble met during his 24-hour shift, the Minister of the Interior, the Governor of Grande Comoros as well as the President of Comoros, Dhonine Ikililou.

The Secretary General of Interpol also chaired a working meeting with representatives of the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol in Comoros where was discussed the strengthening of passport control at the border, as related by the site.

"It is important to engage and strengthen the fight against piracy and crime in the region. We had discussions with the authorities and we will try to strengthen the system for fast and effective response against transnational crime", he Ronald Noble said.

"I have visited many countries and I can say that the Comoros is in advance compared to many others. We are confident and ready to accompany the Comorian authorities and investing in capacity building in the fight against piracy and crime", emphasized the Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald Noble.
As a reminder, Interpol has already supported in recent years training of police officers in their fight against crime in the archipelago.
"Interpol supported the operations conducted by the Comorian in matters including police to combat illegal immigration and piracy", inter alia, stressed police commander, Bacar Ali Said, Deputy Chief of the central Bureau national of Interpol.

Anli Saendou

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