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Comoros: The President Ikililou Dhoinine conducting a major cabinet reshuffle, with six new ministers

Comoros: The President Ikililou Dhoinine conducting a major cabinet reshuffle, with six new ministers
The President of the Union of Comoros, Ikililou Dhoinine, appointed on Saturday eveninghis second government team, since his accession to power in May 2011.
Dhoinine Ikililou called in the second government of his term, six new personalities that integrate the presidential team to conduct the activities of the country.
According to the presidential decree, they are thus six new Ministers, including one woman, who get a leather in place of the departing outgoing after two years.

Apart from the three vice-presidents who retain their ministerial duties in the current Government, only the Minister of employment, labour, vocational training and woman entrepreneurship, Government spokesman, found also his Ministry and escape this extensive redesign, as indicated in the site comores -

Some observers of the Comorian politics, cabinet reshuffle could find its origin in the growing popularity among the people of the Comoros archipelago of the former President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi for several months, while the latter s' is put back on the political scene of the archipelago with in line of sight the elections in 2016.

Composition of the government of the Comoros
Dr. Fouad Mhadji, Vice-President, Minister of Health, Solidarity, social cohesion and the promotion of gender
Mohamed Soilihi Ali, Vice-President, Minister of Finance, Economy, Budget, Investment and Domestic Trade and of Privatization
Nourdine Bourhane, Vice-President, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Housing
Elarif Said Hassan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, in charge of the Diaspora and the Francophonie and the Arab World
Bahiat Massound, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, of the promotion of the New Technologies of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism
Dr. Abdou Housseni, Minister of Justice, Civil Service, Administrative Reform, the Human Rights and Islamic Affairs
Dr. Abdulkarim Mohamed, Minister of National Education, Research, Culture, Arts, Youth and Sports
Abdou Nassur Madi, Minister of Production, Environment, Energy, Industry and Handicrafts
Sitti Kassim, Minister of Employment, Labour, Vocational Training, Women's Entrepreneurship, government spokesperson
Housseine Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of Interior, Information, and Decentralization in charge of relations with institutions

Anli Saendou

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