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Comoros: Said Larifou, the ex-party leader invites president Ikililou to adhere to the timetable of the elections

Said Larifou, leader in the Ridja party - Photo
Said Larifou, leader in the Ridja party - Photo
In the wake of the meeting of 8 November between the Comorian President Dhoinine Ikililou, and the chief executive of the islands of Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli, and the President of the Parliament of the Union of Comoros and board chairs of the islands, which resulted in the pacification of the legislative and municipal elections in November 2014, the Franco-Comoran lawyer Said Larifou, leader in the Ridja party expressly invites Dhoinine Ikililou to respect the electoral calendar.

The elections must take place within a period of 60 days before the end of the mandate in April 2014 of the parliamentarians of the Assembly of the Union as recalled by the Constitutional Court.
"The Ridna will not accept unconstitutional arrangements agreed between Ikililou and his team (Editor's Note: the presidents of the Assembly of the union and the Islands as well as the executives of the Islands). The constitution does give jurisdiction to do this kind of arrangements", said Said Larifou in the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.

"In the absence of elections from this date, President Dhoinine Ikililou will bear a heavy responsibility. He would have demonstrated serious failure insofar as our country does not have of Parliament and that no person nor any other institution cannot legislate", supports the Franco-Comorian lawyer, Said Larifou, leader of the party Ramalingam.

The latter also highlights the Ridja party will be forced to ask the Constitutional Court to see the failure of the head of state" and its refusal to hold the general election despite a decision of the Constitutional Court.
"We will ask the court to draw all the consequences," said Said Larifou.

Anli Saendou

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