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Comoros: President Ikililou Dhoinine formulates the vow of reconciliation of the four islands of the archipelago

The Comoros, celebrated on Sunday, July 6, 2014 the 39th anniversary of the accession of the archipelago independence "after more than 150 years of French colonisation", as recalled the Comorian president Ikililou Dhoinine in his speech to the Nation.
"The developments which have manifest the world until now, logically should lead us, a small country like ours, to guide our efforts exclusively towards development, by seizing the opportunities of globalisation at the reach of all, but especially in generating dynamism without prior of an entire population who has an appointment with its history... For the States that we are, one of the conditions necessary and mandatory to be part of the modern world, is the consolidation of unity, respect for individual and collective freedoms, the promotion of democracy and the safeguarding of national borders for the safety of people and property" highlighted president Ikililou Dhoinine during his speech to the Comorian nation as reported in the journal Alwatwan.
"This month of July 2014 has particular character especially regarding our diplomacy. I come to ratify an important agreement on military cooperation with the United States. Comorians are noticing every day the intensity of our particular cooperation with both permanent member countries of the Security Council of the United Nations, namely France and the United States of America. This vitality of our diplomacy is due, firstly, to our perseverance in promoting sound management of our country by adopting mechanisms creating necessary conditions of transparency. Secondly, it is due to the fact that we have been able to rectify our geopolitical positioning, highlighting higher interests of the country and not those of the foreign powers which we don't know the real aims. The only big problem remains the issue of our unfinished independence and which is an unpleasant territorial dispute between Comoros and our main partner, France. It is about, and you have certainly understood the thorny question of the Comorian island of Mayotte... ", said the Comorian president to his fellow citizens.
"Beyond this main question of the movement of people between our islands, we have the obligation, France and us, we have an obligation... to all our intelligence contribution to stop the daily human tragedy between our islands, particularly between Anjouan and Mayotte...", also added the Comorian president Ikililou Dhoinine.
"We precisely ask the accompaniment of the French authorities who must understand that the barrier should finally fall which will give us all the means to effectively combat the unauthorised movement of people between the islands of the archipelago of the Comoros. As I already told you many times, I believe in the virtues of dialogue, I believe in the negotiation and I am convinced that with the French authorities, we are moving in the right direction, that of reconsolidation between Comorians. I would therefore wish... to see one day Comorians of the four islands reconcile", concluded the president Ikililou Dhoinine.
As a reminder, the Comoros, under the leadership of Ahmed Abdallah, declared their independence on 6 July 1975.
The referendum of December 1974, majority (95%) in Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli, for a sovereignty of all Comorian islands, sealed the fate of the new State of the Comoros.
The island Mayotte decided nevertheless to remain on the sidelines of this movement of independence and voted in 1976, during the two referendums on February 8 and April 11 for its attachment to the French Republic.
Since Thursday, March 31, 2011, Mayotte acceded to the status of Department becoming the 5th overseas department.

Anli Saendou

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