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Comoros: Marine Park Mwali soon registered to the UNESCO World Heritage

For several days, representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have filed their case on the shores of Mwali Marine Park, in the town of Nioumachoi on the island of Moheli in Comoros.
The UNDP team works on-site at the stimulation of Marine Park as well as its long-term development, to make it a development tool for the Comoros archipelago as a whole.
"This marine park will contribute to the development of trade between the Comoros and other countries in the Indian Ocean region in particular and the world in general ... Everyone agrees that Moheli has unquestionable tourist potential, namely the marine park will soon become, and I sincerely hope, one of UNESCO's cultural heritage", said Douglas Casson Couts, responsible for the international mission at Nioumachoi.
The marine park of Mwali who was created in 2002 in the south of the island of Moheli in Comoros, since its inception has the financial support of UNDP.
Six million dollars has already been injected into the marine park Mwali. This protected area of 404 km2, located north of the Mozambique Channel, has an exceptional marine biodiversity at the heart of coral reefs which are listed numerous species of tropical fish.
Humpback whales, giant sea turtles and dugongs are other masters of these waters teeming with rich marine fauna and a unique ecosystem on the planet.

Anli Saendou

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