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Comoros: March against corruption in the streets of Moroni

Some 200 persons from civil society, including a large majority of young people manifested peacefully on Tuesday in the streets of Moroni to denounce corruption and impunity for the perpetrators of embezzlement of public funds in the Comoros.

"Corruption threatens the future of our youth", "corruption and impunity in the country are not a fatality", can be read on the banners.
"Justice is corrupted. Magistrates are corrupt... The head of State being the first magistrate must quickly react in order not to be as an accomplice," said rapper Cheikh Mc. "Say out loud what everyone thinks everything inside".

"Today we manifest peacefully. But be aware that we shall soon show our anger aggressively. Today former corrupt come to lecture us, but we are not fooled. Everyone knows that when they come to power, they will be even worse, “said the artist was also angry.

The former Prosecutor of the Republic of Moroni, Mohamed Nelly, also strongly criticized the acts of corruption of some judges in the judiciary and strongly invited parliamentarians to "implement the Higher Council of the judiciary" to punish all those who cross the yellow line.
"It is necessary to step up the fight because it is the money of the people who is being squandered," claimed loudly, Saleh Assoumani, one of the main leaders of this citizen movement against corruption at the heart of the Comoros archipelago.

An observatory against corruption which brings together concerned citizens was set up.
Another rally will take place on December 9 at the International Day against of corruption, as shown in the newspaper on the site
While the Comoros President Ikililou Dhoinine, has repeatedly said in public in recent weeks his intention to fight against this scourge, the corruption and embezzlement of public funds are increasing in the archipelago.

As a reminder, the former Director of the national security of the Comoros, Abou Achirafi, was arrested in mid-October by the mounted police in a case of fraudulent sale of true false passports as well as economic citizenship.
 Abu Achirafi is suspected with the help particularly of complicity with some officials conducting the sale of over 700 Comorian passports with stamps forged by the Presidency and imitated official signatures on real duly registered documents.

Comoros: March against corruption in the streets of Moroni

Assani Badrudin

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