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Comoros: Major blackouts on the power grid and water supply of the archipelago

The public company Ma-Mwe, supports the management and distribution of water and electricity in the archipelago of the Comoros, is since two months of major blackouts on its network no longer able to ensure the continuity of its services 24 hours a day.
The cause of these rolling blackouts comes from the inability for the public company to buy the 40,000 liters of diesel a day, needed to turn its production at full speed, according to Radio France Internationale.
A problematic situation which greatly handicaps the commercial and industrial activities in the archipelago, but whose impact can be felt hard especially on Grande Comore.
As a reminder from 2012, the public company Ma-Mwe's finances are in the red while at the same time, the annual payroll is estimated at 1.1 billion Comorian francs, representing slightly more than 2,2 million euro.

Anli Saendou

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