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Comoros Legislative elections: The second round seems indecisive

The second round of elections will decide between Comorian faithful party of the president in place, Ikililou Dhoinine at Juwa Party (1) of its predecessor, the former strong man of Moroni, Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, now in the opposition.
According to first provisional results, Juwa party took the lead in Grande Comore and Anjouan. The UPCD (2) current ruling ahead for its part the other political groups on the island of Moheli.
The presence of five to eight candidates per constituency and the complex game of alliances should lead to an uncertain second round according to political analysts. The second round of these legislative elections is fixed to Sunday February 22 and will be held simultaneously with municipal elections.
Three Comorian deputies already were elected from the first round on 25 January, two of the UPCD. The rate of participation in the legislative elections was 71%. Voters in the capital Moroni have voted for their part at 55%. 33 parliamentary seats are to win in the new National Assembly of Comoros, but only 24 deputies will be elected by direct universal suffrage. The remaining nine members are appointed by their peers of the three parliaments of the archipelago.
(1) Parti du Soleil
(2) Union pour le développement des Comores


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