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Comoros: Increase of the population of endemic owl of Anjouan Island

The Anjouan Scops Owl / Photo Alan Van Norman
The Anjouan Scops Owl / Photo Alan Van Norman
While we thought that the little Duke of Anjouan, endemic owl to the island was under threat of extinction, the Comorian NGO Dahari which works for sustainable development has recently highlighted through a field research that the species today counts between 3,500 and 5,500 birds.
The cries of volatiles were thus able to help in identifying the species because the endemic owl of Anjouan Island is rarely seen in the wild.
The preceding estimation had assessed the population of owls of Anjouan between 200 and 400. For technical director of Dahari, the last counting carried out "does not prove that these owls are getting better or that their status has improved, it just shows that our knowledge of their status has improved."


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