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Comoros: First student insurance

Comoros: First student insurance
The University of Comoros today adopts an indispensable tool for a normal education in graduate, with the establishment of the first mutual student on the campus of Moroni, aged 10 years.
A student insurance which was honored President of the Comoros Ikililou Dhonine, came to greet for the occasion, in the heart of the National School of Medicine, the implementation of the mutual arrangement.
7,000 students will benefit from medical coverage for their needs.
Before a formal parterre, students and members of the government, the president of Comoros, Ikililou Dhonine, held to remember the important role of mutual in student life.
"With this mutual, you have an important tool. Though she is not able to meet all needs, manage it properly, transparently and serious", said the President of the Comoros Ikililou Dhonine.

Anli Saendou

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