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Comoros: Fifth anniversary of the crash of the Yemenia off the coast of the archipelago

Since last weekend, families who have lost a loved one during the crash at sea of the Airbus A310 of Yemenia Company off the coast of the Comoros, on the night of 29-30 June 2009, commemorated the fifth anniversary of the air disaster which claimed the lives of 159 people at Ikonien in the Comoros and in Marseille in France.
The Association of the families of the victims of the plane crash of the Yemenia (AFVCA), asked "that everything is implemented to compel Yemenia to cooperate in the criminal investigation", as reported in the Alwatwan newspaper.
The AFVCA also wishes that "political and diplomatic intervention of the French authorities" is involved "to get the necessary assistance to the investigating judge for the effective implementation of international letters rogatory to Yemen."
As a reminder, the Comorian fact-finding report, published at the end of June 2013, the query of the direct responsibility of the pilot in the accident.
The crash at sea of the aircraft of the airline company Yemenia would be due to "inadequate action of the flight crew during a unstabilised maneuver."
This Comorian final report confirms the analysis of the Bureau of investigations and French analyses which had already concluded to a pilot error.
The passengers of flight 626 had left the French capital and the city of Marseille, on board of an Airbus A330 for Prince Said Ibrahim of Moroni international airport, with a stop in Sanaa in Yemen where an Airbus A310, which accounted for 19 years of service was waiting to reach their final destination.
As a reminder, only a teenager, aged 14 years at the time of the accident, at Bahia Badr, had been found alive.

Anli Saendou

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